ESRI Users Conference 2014


The ESRI Users Conference this year was full of excitement. There were about 15,000 ESRI Users who gathered at the San Diego Conference Center 2 weeks ago.

What’s new and exciting from ESRI? ArcGIS for Professionals (ArcGIS Pro) 10.3

ArcGIS Pro 10.3 is scheduled to be released in November. It is “the next generation of ArcGIS Desktop”. ArcGIS Desktop will include both ArcMap and ArcPro. Here are some highlights:

  • ArcGIS Pro will integrate 2D and 3D within a single workspace
  • It promises faster processing power, and more efficient work flows
  • Instead of being document based, it will be project based
  • A window of tasks will allow a person to organize their workflow for any given project
  • There will be better looking maps with higher resolution, and the ability to perform 3D rendering
  • Geoprocessing tools will now be able to incorporate time into their analyses
  • Editing sessions will no longer be needed
  • True 64 bit application
  • Microsoft ribbon interface
  • Ability to create multiple layouts on a single map

Click here for more information.

What other big things were happening at the conference?

  • ArcGIS for water utilities workflows for configurable online applications
  • Collector application (designed to be used in conjunction with water utility applications through ArcGIS Online)
  • GeoNet- A place for ESRI Users to talk and connect