Managing Service Layer Credits in ArcGIS

Thanks to ESRI we have a lot of great basemap and aerial photography options to use when working in ArcGIS. Yet sometimes the Service Layer Credits documentation isn’t always in the best place for the map or takes up half of your inset box. Here is an easy tip on how to change the Source text to better fit your map.


Inset box example.

Did you know you can move it or re-size it?


Just go to the top of your menu and click on Insert – Dynamic Text – Service Layer Credits.


Service Layer Credits under Dynamic Text.

Once you’ve clicked that option, you will notice the Source: line has changed to an editable text box.


Now you can re-size it, move it or arrange it by layers.


Resized and moved.


Arranged by layers.

(This fix is for ArcGIS 10.1 or above.)

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