Interoperability of GIS and CAD using Google Earth

Did you know that you can easily clean up Google Earth linework in ArcGIS?

Google Earth is a good tool for engineers and non-GIS users to draw linework, but is limited in snapping and splitting functionality. For example, the Western Area Water Supply Project in North Dakota was created to increase the supply to rural areas. Such a multi-faceted effort requires fast-paced updates of preliminary pipelines, and recently I’ve worked with engineers to convert KML (Google’s Keyhole Markup Language) into shapefiles to ultimately assist the transition from Google Earth to AutoCAD.

This brief video will demonstrate the process of converting KML into a layer, exporting to shapefile, editing and converting back to KML.

One thought on “Interoperability of GIS and CAD using Google Earth

  1. You could have just loaded it from KML to your geodatabase and served it directly into Autocad via ArcGIS for Autocad without jumping through all the hoops.

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