ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight: The Query Tool

Would you like to be able to create a custom query within the ArcGIS Silverlight Viewer? In this example, we show how to create a custom tool to query Township, Section, and Range.

1) Download the “Query Tool Add-In” from ESRI. It will be an .xap file.
2) Go to “Settings”.


3) Go to “Upload Add-Ins”.


-Navigate to your .xap file, and select it. You will notice that the “Query Layer Tool” is now available when you go to “Manage Toolbars”.


-Add the “Query Layer Tool” to your current toolbars. You will then be prompted to edit it for your use. Through editing, you can change the tool label, as well as add a different symbol for the icon.


-When you hit “Next” you will be prompted to specify the source of the layer you’d like to query. You must then right click on your layer, and get the URL found in “Service Details”. You can copy and paste the URL from there.
-Next you will construct the query.


-Select the field and operator from which you’d like to base your query. You may construct the query by either typing in a value, or picking from the unique values listed in the field.

-Now, the user may query based on their specific needs.