Google Earth in GIS

Want to add Google Earth to your GIS?
This is a common request of GIS specialists. Here are two ways to incorporate Google imagery with GIS.

Within Quantum GIS
Open source software gives Quantum GIS the ability to add Google Earth as an image layer (free download)
• Click Plugins > Fetch Python Plugin > Type OpenLayer in the Filter > Click Install Plugin

quantum Open Layer

• The Layers will show up under Plugin > OpenLayer Plugin > Add Google Hybrid Layer

6000 scale zoom
Preferred Scale: 1:6000

2000 scale zoom
Zoomed in to 1:2000 Scale – maintains high quality imagery

Within Google Earth
Convert GIS Data to KML file and view in Google Earth Application

google earth

A possible third way is one that we do not recommend due to potential term and agreement violations: to work within ArcGIS or AutoCAD. This only incorporates georeferenced Google Imagery• Static image only good at one scale
• Possible violation of terms and agreement with Google Earth