GIS Tip: Get Happy with Better Toolbars

Did you know that you can customize your toolbars so that your most used functions are only a click away?

We’ll use the Editor toolbar as an example. I like to Save Edits, Stop Editing, and Merge all the time. But I hate pulling down the editor menu every time!

  • Go to Customize>Customization Mode, and head for the Commands Tab.
  • Start typing “Save Edits” and you’ll see the Save Edits tool comes up in the Commands Box.


  • Now you can just click on the command and its icon, and drag and drop it onto the Editor toolbar.
  • Do the same thing for Stop Editing and Merge.


When you close out, your commands are now just where you want them, accessible on the Editor toolbar. Saving you time and making you happy.

And of course, you can do this with any toolbar.

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