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Edgewood Regional Sanitary and Stormwater


Bismarck, North Dakota

About the Project

The Edgewood Village 7th Addition, which includes the new Legacy High School, necessitated the Analysis, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Bidding, and Construction of regional sanitary, storm sewer, and stormwater management facilities.

Project Details

Date: 2013 – Present

Client: City of Bismarck

Key Project Elements
  • Project Management
  • Bid Document Preparation
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Mapping (GIS)
  • Drafting (CAD)
  • Water Resources
  • Hydraulics
  • Environmental
  • Civil Site Work
  • Construction Management/Inspection
  • Wastewater Infrastructure Pipelines
  • Cost-Estimating
  • SWPP Plans and BMPs

Stormwater Facilities

The stormwater portion of the project included:

  • Updating the existing Drainage Basin Design Plan analysis using InfoSWMM to reflect recent NRCS soils, NOAA Atlas 14 rainfall, and City Land Use updates;
  • Developing a new preliminary design for five regional stormwater facilities that met the City’s stormwater performance requirements;
  • Developing a final design for three of the five regional stormwater facilities;
  • Completing final design of Nebraska Drive and Minnesota Drive culverts/storm sewer that had to integrate with the 7th Addition site storm sewer;
  • Developing a cost-effective storm sewer trunk line to convey minor storms supplemented with a surface drainage swale to convey major storm events from Centennial Drive to Minnesota Drive;
  • Designing and permitting of the wetland fill and mitigation plan for the necessary fill to create the stormwater embankments, and combining mitigation with the sanitary sewer mitigation project; and
  • Preparing a FEMA LOMR submittal to document the numerous modifications to the floodplain.

Sanitary Sewer Facilities

In addition, the sanitary sewer portion of the project included:
  • Integrating sewer improvements along a major drainage-way that also included regional stormwater management and drainage features to minimize potential for inflow and infiltration during high water events;
  • Designing the access path along the sanitary sewer including drainage culverts to convey runoff from the 7th Addition plat; and
  • Designing and permitting of the wetland fill and mitigation plan for the necessary fill to create the access path and manhole elevations needed to meet project design requirements.

Unique Abilities Demonstrated throughout this Project

Due to significant development pressure associated with the 7th Addition, having the sanitary sewer under construction by Fall 2013 was critical. To design the sanitary sewer, however, a preliminary design of the stormwater facilities was needed to set the sanitary sewer manhole and access path elevations.

This project demonstrated AE2S’ ability to effectively manage design projects, as well as our ability to develop preliminary design that had minimal significant changes throughout the final design process. The minimal stormwater modifications limited the need for change orders to the already awarded sanitary sewer project.

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Bismarck Edgewood Regional Sanitary and Stormwater