Lifetime Learning 

AE2S is a proponent of life-long learning. To foster this type of continual growth, AE2S supports its employees in professional development.

Professional and Technical Societies

AE2S encourages active participation in technical and professional societies. To support this, the company will pay annual dues for up to two professional organizations.


Employees wishing to improve their knowledge in areas related to employment with AE2S are encouraged to enroll in educational courses. AE2S will reimburse tuition and cost of books for full-time employees based on certain guidelines.

Professional Registration

AE2S urges all professional employees to obtain professional registrations as soon as they qualify. AE2S will provide time off with pay for the purpose of taking professional examinations, travel expenses, and reimbursement for exam costs.

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AE2S primary service is water - meaning water, wastewater, and water resources system consulting, which represents over 70 percent of our annual revenues.
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