It appears Jacob Strombeck is genetically predisposed to be an engineer. “My father was an engineer and my grandfather was basically an engineer, so it naturally fit. Side note, my two younger brothers will also be engineers, so I guess problem solving is our blood,” he says with a smile.

Jacob leads the AE2S Municipal Planning Services Practice, which launched in early 2020. “Municipal Planning Services is a reorganization of a variety of services AE2S has always delivered, but with this new organization, we brought the teams together to improve client service and more importantly, project delivery. Municipal Planning Services provides a comprehensive look at utility-wide and community wide planning,” he explains. “It encompasses a wide variety of services, including infrastructure improvements planning and prioritization, financial analysis, and modeling to ensure projects and operations can be adequately funded, and an improved understanding of infrastructure through data analysis, GIS optimization, and asset management practices.”

The Bismarck, North Dakota native earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering at North Dakota State University. He splits his time between the Fargo, North Dakota and Maple Grove, Minnesota offices. “My favorite aspect of being an engineer is engaging with clients and helping them find solutions to their unique challenges and issues. The Municipal Planning Services team brings diverse backgrounds and different perspectives together that lead to tailored and creative solutions for our clients. That is the best part of my job,” says Jacob.

Although he has been involved with a wide array of projects in his 10 years with AE2S, Jacob found his niche in system planning. “I truly believe the adage that a dollar spent on planning saves $10 in design and $100 in construction. I want to bring that to fruition for all our clients,” he says. “There have been some enormous projects I have been a part of over the years that have the ability to make significant impacts. Projects such as the Red River Valley Water Supply Project, FM Diversion, and the Fargo Membrane Water Treatment Plant expansion have such an impact on the day-to-day lives of people. I am honored to be involved in helping move these projects forward.”

AE2S has recently been working with communities in the Twin Cities Metro to address challenging water quality issues. “I am happy to be part of a very dedicated team that is developing solutions that will make a lasting impact,” says Jacob. He says he also finds the creation of prioritized capital improvements plans “very fun” to work on.

When he’s not using his engineering and financial skills to solve clients’ problems, you can very likely find Jacob on the golf course or traveling – often at the same time. He has played golf everywhere from elite courses in the U.S., all the way to Brazil and Indonesia. “I have a goal of spending at least one night in 100 countries. I am currently at about 20%.  I am also a bit of a foodie and like to cook … but I know I can’t eat all the creative/questionable dishes I make.”

Jacob and his girlfriend, Kathryn, who is also an engineer, live with her dog, Cromwell. “I generally think Cromwell likes me, but he understands the division of ownership and occasionally makes it clear who he is loyal to,” Jacob says with a laugh. No doubt Jacob has developed a complicated mathematical equation to determine the ratio of Kathryn to Jacob loyalty Cromwell brings to the table – it’s in his genetics!

Jacob and Kathryn in Rome.