AE2S recently opened a fourth office in Montana. The newest location is in Billings, where an official grand opening was held in May in conjunction with a ribbon cutting ceremony organized by the Billings Chamber of Commerce.

The City of Billings represents the largest population community in Montana, and it is the biggest city within 500 miles. “Our community here in Billings faces real ‘big city’ issues, which are complex and challenging. At its core, AE2S is passionate about helping communities solve complex and challenging issues every day. Being in Billings means we are able to increase our capacity to serve our existing clients as well as assist the City in a supporting role to its proactive approach to improve its utility’s reliability and resiliency,” says David Carlson, Operations Manager.

Carlson and Andrew Roozen are based out of the Billings office. However, the office has eight workspaces to ensure there is plenty of room for visiting technical support team members and future staff growth. The new office is in one of the oldest brick buildings in Billings, built in 1882, and is located in the space formerly occupied by the Arcade Bar. A historic photo of the building serves as a conversation piece in the newly renovated office.

Historic photo of AE2S’ office in Billings, Montana.

AE2S is currently working on a drought and flood control plan for the Billings Water Treatment Plant, as well as assisting the City with an evaluation of the raw water intake system for the facility. “It has been a personal joy to be welcomed by the Billings Water Utility team to help solve issues related to raw water intake capacity, treatment, flood and drought risks, and water quality,” says Carlson. AE2S Nexus has also been working with the City of Billings for several years on water and wastewater utility rates.

In addition to the City of Billings, AE2S has been working on additional projects that are administered through the Bureau of Reclamation and Bureau of Indian Affairs, both of which have major offices based in Billings.

“Montana is a great fit for AE2S and our growth mirrors that. We’re excited to be in Billings and to strengthen our relationships in Montana. AE2S remains committed to maintaining the highest level of service to our clients in all of the States we serve,” says Grant Meyer, AE2S CEO.