Category 2022 Quarter 3

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Control Systems

The cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Cyber threats are more prevalent, destructive, and financially devastating than ever before. State sponsored and financially motivated cyber criminals have recently targeted automation systems including those that serve water, electric,… Continue Reading →

Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade Doubles City’s Capacity, Provides Room for Growth

The City of Belgrade, Montana has started up its newly constructed Water Reclamation Facility with double the previous capacity. Since 2010, the population has increased by nearly 60% to more than 11,600 people. The town is about 10 minutes northwest… Continue Reading →

Employee Spotlight, Jasper Klein, PE, Operations Manager

As a child, Jasper Klein wanted to be a farmer, engineer, or contractor. The Bismarck, North Dakota native’s mother encouraged him to use his interest in understanding how things work and innate 3D visualization skills to become an engineer. After… Continue Reading →

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