27th Oct2014

South Dakota State Geospatial Conference –

  A week ago, I attended the South Dakota State Geospatial Conference in Mitchell, South Dakota.  The conference showed the wide variety of GIS applications.  There were...

10th Oct2014

So Much to Learn at the MN GIS/LIS 2014 Conference

There’s something wonderful about being surrounded by other GIS people. I got that experience most recently at the Minnesota GIS/LIS Annual conference in Rochester, Minnesota. The of...

19th Sep2014
live traffic

Live GIS Data

Found it really interesting that we can now add live (real-time) traffic and weather data from ArcGIS Online into ArcGIS Desktop, Web, or Mobile applications. http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2014/09/04/content-included-with-your-online-subscription/?utm_source=esri&utm_medium=email&utm_term=60601&utm_content=article&utm_campaign=AGOL_news_09_2014

19th Sep2014
large woody debris

How to Set Up an “If Then Else” Statement in Field Calculator

Ever wanted to write an If Then Else statement with a text output, but didn’t know how to format it in field calculator? This blog shows a...

29th Aug2014

Easy Access to Free Imagery

If you work in GIS or Engineering, by now you’ve heard of and probably used the USDA’s NAIP Imagery. Did you know you can add USDA’s NAIP...

29th Jul2014

ESRI Users Conference 2014

The ESRI Users Conference this year was full of excitement. There were about 15,000 ESRI Users who gathered at the San Diego Conference Center 2 weeks ago....

16th Jul2014

Bringing AutoCAD Surfaces into ArcGIS

Let’s just say you’ve done a lot of manipulation of a surface in AutoCAD, and you would now like to see it in ArcGIS. Jon Lefers at...

19th Jun2014
Provided by Deadspin, 2013.

Crowdsourcing in GIS- social media information used to display fan territories

Our GIS blog has categories ranging from tips, profiles of various projects and regionally relevant news. We also have a category on “Cool Maps,” which this post is going to...

14th May2014

Spraying Season in the Northern Great Plains: How GIS Can Help

Spraying Season in the Northern Great Plains: How GIS Can Help The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) developed an online mapping tool that helps to prevent...

05th May2014

Managing Service Layer Credits in ArcGIS

Thanks to ESRI we have a lot of great basemap and aerial photography options to use when working in ArcGIS. Yet sometimes the Service Layer Credits documentation...