26th Feb2015

AE2S Deploys Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS makes it as easy as possible for non-programmers to build powerful GIS apps that run on any device, no coding required. Given that esri...

23rd Jan2015

My Survey of Geomatics

Hi there! Intern Hallie here. I’ve had the privilege of working at AE2S for about four months now, and I must say: it’s a lot different than...

31st Dec2014

How to Save the World in 2015 with GIS

As the year come to a close, I like to reflect on how the next year can be even better. And one thing I always think of...

09th Dec2014

A Cartographic Christmas

  Last year I enjoyed writing a post on fun ways to engage kids in thinking spatially around the holidays. You can revisit that post and learn...

21st Nov2014
gis day 2014

GIS Day Event

GIS Day Event AE2S celebrated GIS Day this past Wednesday, -November 19, 2014 during our company-wide professional development conference titled “The Big Event”.  We set up a...

11th Nov2014
AE2S helped Williston respond to current growth and recently annexed land in the city boundary.

AE2S GIS Helps City of Williston Map for the Future

AE2S recently created conceptual capital improvement plan maps for the City of Williston, North Dakota in the midst of extreme expected population growth.   The Williston Herald really brought...

27th Oct2014

South Dakota State Geospatial Conference –

  A week ago, I attended the South Dakota State Geospatial Conference in Mitchell, South Dakota.  The conference showed the wide variety of GIS applications.  There were...

10th Oct2014

So Much to Learn at the MN GIS/LIS 2014 Conference

There’s something wonderful about being surrounded by other GIS people. I got that experience most recently at the Minnesota GIS/LIS Annual conference in Rochester, Minnesota. The of...

19th Sep2014
live traffic

Live GIS Data

Found it really interesting that we can now add live (real-time) traffic and weather data from ArcGIS Online into ArcGIS Desktop, Web, or Mobile applications. http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2014/09/04/content-included-with-your-online-subscription/?utm_source=esri&utm_medium=email&utm_term=60601&utm_content=article&utm_campaign=AGOL_news_09_2014

19th Sep2014
large woody debris

How to Set Up an “If Then Else” Statement in Field Calculator

Ever wanted to write an If Then Else statement with a text output, but didn’t know how to format it in field calculator? This blog shows a...