29th Jul2015

10 Revelations at the 2015 Esri User Conference

  While there were so many amazing moments (such as being surrounded by about 15,000 other GIS people seeing myself in a LiDAR point cloud, meeting #gistribe people...

17th Jul2015

Follow Danielle Lee at the Esri User Conference!

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…” Well not exactly yet. Before I start singing “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” I definitely have some work...

26th May2015

Five Takeaways from the 2015 Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals Spring Meeting

Aside from sifting through tech blogs and reading quarterly publications such as ArcUser, it can be tough for today’s GIS analyst to keep current with industry trends. The 2015 Montana Association of Geographic...

08th May2015

Take the AE2S GIS Blog Survey for a Chance to Win an Amazon $25 Gift Card

In order to make the AE2S GIS Blog even better, we would love to hear what you think! Please take this two minute survey to help us...

05th May2015

7 Career Tips from a GIS Pro

Last night, I had the pleasure of visiting a group of GIS students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After talking about some of the projects I have...

24th Apr2015

Quick Tip – Attributes & Editing

Here’s a nice little tip I stumbled on when consciously trying to use the Attributes window in ArcMap more often. I tend to edit right in the...

26th Feb2015

AE2S Deploys Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS makes it as easy as possible for non-programmers to build powerful GIS apps that run on any device, no coding required. Given that esri...

23rd Jan2015

My Survey of Geomatics

Hi there! Intern Hallie here. I’ve had the privilege of working at AE2S for about four months now, and I must say: it’s a lot different than...

31st Dec2014

How to Save the World in 2015 with GIS

As the year come to a close, I like to reflect on how the next year can be even better. And one thing I always think of...

09th Dec2014

A Cartographic Christmas

  Last year I enjoyed writing a post on fun ways to engage kids in thinking spatially around the holidays. You can revisit that post and learn...