21st Mar2016

Population Mapping and the Future of Image Interpretation

I’ve always been interested in the world’s population and how we can continue to meet basic needs in every corner of the globe. The image above and...

11th Feb2016

Better Map Labels

One of the biggest challenges in making data dense print maps is the labeling process. Well placed labels make maps immediately more understandable. Fortunately, there are a few time saving...

05th Jan2016

How to Add Stationing to Line Features

  Ever wonder how to add stationing to line features in ArcGIS? In this blog entry I will give an example of how to accomplish just that!...

18th Nov2015

Happy GIS Day!

Isn’t it cool that there is a whole holiday to celebrate GIS? At AE2S, we think so. We’re doing a number of things to observe GIS Day....

19th Oct2015
World Map

New AE2S GIS Specialist in Fargo!

I’d like to introduce you to our new GIS Specialist Dan Lissick.  Dan started with us on October 1st in our Fargo office as a GIS Specialist....

12th Oct2015

Recap of the 2015 ND GIS User’s Conference in Fargo

September 28th and 29th I attended the ND GIS Conference in Fargo, ND.  It was a lively conference with a lot of participation from the private, municipal,...

12th Oct2015

MN GIS/LIS Conference Summary & Links from My Presentation

It was the 25th Anniversary of MN GIS/LIS Consortium’s existence, and it was a fantastic conference. ESRI’s Jack Dangermond gave a detailed keynote on the future of...

08th Oct2015
MN GIS/LIS Consortium

AE2S Attends the MN GIS | LIS Conference, Oct. 7-9, 2015

GIS Specialists Hope Records and Cinde Morris are excited to attend the MN GIS | LIS Consortium Conference in Duluth, MN this week. Come and say hello...

01st Oct2015

Ground to Grid Problems No More

This time saving tip comes to you from Brett Morlok, a project engineer in our Water Resources practice, to which I’ve added some additional details.   Do...

29th Sep2015

UAS Summit & Expo in Grand Forks, ND

Last week, I attended the Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) Summit and Expo (9th Annual) in Grand Forks, ND in order to find out how this upcoming technology...